About Us



Our Founder


Harold Ford Sr. was born into the funeral business, first assuming significant responsibilities at his family’s Memphis funeral home at the age of 13. Working diligently since then to ensure the continued success and viability of the business, Harold learned from the bottom up every facet of the funeral care industry. One indispensable lesson gleaned over years of assisting families during the most difficult of life events was tireless and unceasing attention to service bound with a pledge to treat every individual with dignity and respect. This indelibly ingrained habit of service was the catalyst to his enduring success as a member of the United States Congress for the Ninth Congressional District in Tennessee for 22 years from 1974-1996. For all but one of those years he served as a member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee while at the time establishing a reputation for constituent service unequaled in the Congress. Upon retiring from Congress in 1996, Harold formed a consulting and advocacy firm that continues to provide business consultation and federal advocacy services.


Although he went on to establish a great career in politics and advocacy he never left the family business, maintaining a majority ownership and serving as President through today. It was through this day-to-day active participation in the funeral business that Harold noticed a gradual change in the choices that families were making with regard to funeral services, with a pronounced shift toward cremation services. Rather than resist or lament the change to time honored traditions, he founded Serenity to get out front to offer more choices to support the new ways in which people are celebrating and memorializing those who have passed. Serenity is an independently owned and operated bereavement care company designed to meet the shifting demands for greater choices in the area of deathcare. With the completion of our first one-stop comprehensive campus in Memphis, TN, where we provide funeral and cremation services, indoor and outdoor inurnment options at our columbaria, catering and reception services, along with a host of ancillary services, we look forward to leading the bereavement care industry toward more responsive, innovative and efficient standards of care.



Our Mission


Serenity is dedicated to providing professional and ethical bereavement care services through a fully-integrated business model aimed at compassionately assisting individuals and families through every step of the bereavement process by offering a broad scope of quality products and services that support the celebration of the life of a loved one.