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The number of people choosing cremation has increased dramatically over the past several years.  However, contrary to what some may believe, cremation does not limit choices, but, in fact, provides greater flexibility and increases one’s options.


Choosing cremation neither eliminates nor does it require a funeral service.  Whether you want a traditional commitment ceremony, a religious service, or a celebratory memorial, Serenity Cremation can help you honor your loved one’s life in any way you choose.


Serenity Cremation is unique in that it is one of the few full-service funeral homes dedicated solely to providing in-house cremation and cremation memorial services.  Our newly constructed Memphis facility features a one-of-a-kind special crematory room viewable through glass from two Family Witness Rooms designed to foster your peace of mind with welcoming features including fireplaces, televisions for video tributes and a marble buffet for serving light refreshments.  Many of our  families choose to hold their memorial services in one of these rooms.  You can be assured that we use multiple identification procedures throughout our operation to maintain the identity and integrity of your loved one.


We offer everything from simple direct cremation to funeral services complete with viewing, funeral and reception services.  Below are some popular options for cremation services, which can be held over multiple days or accomplished on the same day if desired.  We hope that you will be pleased with all of the options available to you and know that we can tailor any option to meet your individual needs.


  • Traditional viewing or visitation hours (with body present), followed by cremation
  • Cremation followed by memorial visitation at our funeral home
  • Cremation followed by a memorial service or life celebration at your church, our chapel or Serenity Reception
  • Cremation with funeral or memorial service, followed by inurnment of cremated remains at Serenity Columbarium and Memorial Garden
  • Private family goodbye with refreshments in one of our Family Viewing Rooms,  followed by cremation
  • Simple cremation with no ceremony


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Finding a Resting Place for Cremated Ashes


Finding a resting place for cremated remains can be one of the most emotional parts of saying goodbye to a close friend or family member. While placing an urn in its resting place marks the end of one phase of the mourning processes, it also signals the beginning of a life-long bond that connects your loved one with a specific spot.


At Serenity Memorial, we have constructed our columbarium with that bond in mind. Whether you choose our indoor or outdoor facilities, you can have peace of mind knowing the final resting place for the ashes of your loved one is an attractive, accessible spot that honors their memory with dignity.


Outdoor Columbarium

If your loved one appreciated nature and the outdoors, there’s no better resting place for their cremains than the outdoor columbarium at Serenity Memorial. This attractive, newly constructed facility includes over 38,000 marble niches to store urns. Designed as a memorial park, the professionally maintained grounds are easily accessible for viewing and located in close proximity to our flower shop and chapel.


Indoor Columbarium

Our indoor columbarium offers another memorable choice of a resting place for urns. This smaller, more intimate facility contains a large selection of glass niches for permanent display of your loved one’s cremated remains. Like our outdoor columbarium, the indoor facility is located on-site for easy access to all our services. Niches can be personalized with your loved one’s name or with a short special message, so you can honor them and receive closure.


Other Options

Serenity Memorial also maintains a scatter garden where cremated ashes can be deposited. If you’re looking for a simplistic option, you’ll appreciate the sense of connection the scatter garden fosters with nature. We also sell specialized urns for home storage and jewelry that can store a small amount of ashes.


A Place to Store Cremated Remains

Whether or not Serenity Memorial is hosting the memorial or commitment services for your loved one, each of our columbaria make an excellent final resting place for cremation remains. If you have recently lost a loved one or are pre-planning arrangements for yourself or an older relative, contact our funeral director to learn about how our full range of options can assist you in the process.



Memorialization Options for Cremation


  • Memorial Services After Cremation: With the rise in popularity of cremation in recent years, there is an increasing number of options for memorial services that stray away from traditional burial. In fact, not having to purchase a cemetery plot means family members and those making funeral arrangements ahead of time can get creative and design a cremation memorial that’s truly unique and commemorates the life of the deceased in a meaningful way. Cremation is also less expensive than burial, so more of your budget can be put towards a fitting and personal memorial.  


  • Holding a Cremation Memorial Reception: If a memorial for cremation takes place with the body present, it’s usually called a commitment ceremony. In this ceremony, friends and family members have one last chance to say goodbye to their loved one. Many find this type of ceremony offers a sense of closure that other services do not. Alternatively, a memorial service for cremation can be held without a body present — this gives the planners more flexibility over where and when to hold it, and it gives time for friends and family to share in the grieving process.  


  • Cremation Memorial Services at Serenity Memorial: Whether you want a traditional commitment ceremony, a religious service or a celebratory memorial, Serenity Memorial can help you honor your loved one’s life in any way you choose. Serenity Memorial has been specifically designed to meet the needs of those who choose cremation over interment. Our facility includes two viewing rooms for commitment ceremonies and three upscale reception halls featuring a full bar and kitchen. A chapel is conveniently located next door for religious services, and a florist is also on site. Fully wireless and a/v connectivity is available throughout, making it easy to webcast your ceremony to mourning family and friends around the world.  


The Columbaria at Serenity Memorial: Finding a meaningful way to store or scatter cremated remains is one of the big questions in any cremation memorial service. At Serenity Memorial, two large columbaria provide an attractive memorial for ashes and urns. Our outdoor facility includes over several thousand marble niches as well as a scatter garden for those wishing for something simple.